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Life in Black & White: April

It’s hard to believe it’s April already!  Wow!  This year is flying by.  For this month’s glimpse into my life in black and white, I am sharing a few photos that I have taken while doing a course over on Clickin Moms.  It’s Sarah Wilkerson’s Composition and Creativity course.  It’s blowing my mind.  I was only able to get a study along seat, but I wish I was a full participant.  We are only on week two and already there is so much to learn and absorb.  In fact – five of us in this blog circle are in the course: Myself, Meredith, Jenn, Alice and Felicia!

Here’s a few examples of what I have been working on – I call this series “Left Behind”:


Now head over and see what Felicia has been up to in between her moments in the C & C class!
Felicia Chang

Life in Black and White – April | Framing Sunshine - […] from March. Please enjoy these captures and then follow the link to view what my talented friend Allyson Ell captured this […]

Melissa - I love this series. I never remember to capture pictures of the things we love as well as the people. :)

Felicia - Allyson, such sadness from these inanimate objects (great job in imparting that emotion!). What a good idea to capture them in that state!

Jenn - Ally, you know how much I love these already! I think the first one is my favorite – LOVE!!!!

Jen Reynolds - These are wonderful images…and it’s amazing that so many photographers from the circle are in the same class! I just love the doll on the steps, it’s seems like such an authentic moment. I like the little bits of light through the bannister as well, that always seems to signify the passing of time to me b/c they’ll be moving as the sun moves, even thought they are static in the moment.

Ana - What a wonderful series. I agree with Felicia, it is amazing that you captured so much emotion with the inanimate objects

jessican - I love this project. Super cool and I love the light too.

Jennifer Carr - C&C is such a great class! You will love it!


2014 | 365 – February

Another month of my 365 for 2014 is done – just 10 months to go.  I have made it a little harder on myself this year, as I want to have the theme be focused around my kids, and they are not always into being photographed.  So we’ll see how it goes.

You can see the whole 2014 photo a day project here.

You can 2013′s 365 project here. (It is still incomplete, but I’m working on it!}


Throwback Thursday | TMNT party

Thanks to Amy from Living Locurto for featuring my Ninja Turtle cupcakes on her blog post today on boy birthday party foods.

It made me realized that I had only shared this on Instagram and Facebook.  So here is a flashback to last June when my Ninja Turtle loving boy had his 8th birthday with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Theme.  We had his party at Crusher Combat a mixed marital arts gym, where the kids did “Ninja training” complete with their turtle masks.  Of course the main meal was pizza complete with cupcakes and a sewer cake!  His highlight was cutting his cake with a real samurai sword.  There were ninja turtle good bags to go home with everyone to complete the theme.


Now to think of a good theme for this year’s party!


Life in Black & White: March

It’s time for another glimpse of my life in black in white.  I hope you are enjoying the blog circle so far.

This post could also be called – the Week the Superheros Were Not So Super.  We have been battling some health issues in our family, with my husband, and also with my children.  It has been a super sick year so far.  My poor little kiddos – we missed out on the big snowfall, the big Olympic hockey game and a few other things.  But we are slowly on the mend, which means I can hopefully get out of the sick house and start photographing healthy people again soon!

Here’s a few captures of the day the Superheros were down.

March_2014 (1)March_2014 (3)March_2014 (4)March_2014 (5)March_2014 (2)March_2014 (6)March_2014 (7)Although it has not been the best experience, I’m glad that I captured this day.  One day it will all be a memory, but I will still be able to look back and remember how they would each hold their heads when they were sick, and how they each had their special resting place.

Now please take a look at Melissa’s beautiful (and hopefully healthier than mine) blog post!

Jennifer Carr - Black and white captures the feel of these images. I hope everyone is recovering!

Ana - I”m glad you are all on the mend. The BW conversions really set the tone of the images. Sometimes it’s nice to document the not so perfect moments too. Great job this month!

Meredith - Poor baby :( The black and white definitely captures the mood here. Hope he is feeling better!

thegagglephotog - Aww poor sweethearts. I love how you captured them though – so very sweet.

Jenn Martin Spangenberg - Ally, I’m so sorry that you were all sick. Poor babies! :( Glad to hear that they are slowly on the mend. Hang in there!

You did a great job of capturing these not so fun moments.

Jen Reynolds - Poor kids! But the superhero pj’s are super cute.

Alice C. - Awww, poor kiddos! Lovely photos though! The use of light is beautiful <3

Melissa - Oh your poor littles! I hate when my kids are sick. I love that you captured these moments though. I always forget that I need to pick up my camera when the kids are not happy too.

Candace - Poor babies. :(


Baby Bradley and his big sister | Victoria Photographer

One of the babies that I didn’t include in my previous Class of 2031 post was baby Bradley.  I thought that he deserved a post of his own since he’s wonderful parents also let me capture gorgeous maternity photos for them.

Here are a few of the gorgeous photos I got of his parents and his big sister Ermie:



And here is adorable Bradley.  He was so itty bitty and wonderfully squishy! He also has great hair!



Thanks Kari and Dave for letting me capture such a wonderful moment in your lives!


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