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VOICE gallery selection | Victoria BC Photographer


I am incredibly honored to have one of my images make it as a selection  and semi-finalist in the VOICE digital print competition this year.
The purpose of VOICE is to recognize and celebrate images in 14 separate categories that encapsulate the spirit of this special collection – vision, originality, inspiration, creativity and overall excellence. From over 8,000 entries, the VOICE judging panel selected 268 images for this year’s collection.  This is one of those images.

You can check out the full gallery here: VOICE Digital Print Gallery


2014 | 365 – March

I’ve gotten a little behind in editing and sharing my 365.  So I am going to play some catch up.  Here is our March:

March was a busy month in our house – spring break, cub camp, a birthday, and more illness.  It seems like we can’t have a March without illness in this house!   But another month of my 365 is complete.  I am loving having these glimpses of my kids to put in our book of memories for this year – even if not all the memories are awesome.




Life in Black and White | July

It’s time for another glimpse of my life in black and white…

Summer is officially here, and with it come sunny days with harsh bright light.  So,this month I really played with lighting and shadows to try and get some really rich black and whites.  Also, since I featured my nine year old last month, I thought the four year old could use his own post!


Thanks for taking a glimpse of my monochromatic life.  Please continue on in the circle and check out my fabulous friend Jennifer.

Jenn Martin Spangenberg - Ally these are great! Great job getting depth in the BW – nice conversions! And I love the lines in the first one, the perspective in the second, and third one captures childhood beautifully!!!! Love them all!

Ana - I love that your playing with different lighting! harsh light can be so hard but it makes such good B&W photos

Jen R - Oh…those tiny sneakers playing hopscotch gives me the feels. Love the composition.

Jessican - I love the perspective in these. The hopscotch one is fantastic.


Canada Day 2014 | Victoria BC Photography

I realized that I have never photographed an entire day of our life as a family.  It’s on my list of things to do.  I did shoot many moments from our Canada Day celebrations this year.  It was a very busy, fun filled day, and I hope that these memories are ones that our children remember.

This year the boys made their own Canada Day t-shirts.  I pretty sure I saw this idea on pinterest… if not someone can feel free to pin it.  They traced their hands as maple leaves and then added the rectangles for the sides of the Canadian flag.  They both signed their names and for good measure Liam added a cow, sheep and horse to his. This is the shot I got just before Liam pulled down his pants and mooned me. Sigh. Boys!



We then headed into town in the afternoon to join in the Canada Day celebrations.  We met up with my sisters and brother-in-laws, and my adorable one year old nephew. (We snuck in that monthly family photo!)



Things got goofy.

IMG_0616These are moose antlers (not bunny ears) – we are Canadian after all!

Charlotte Diamond was giving a concert, but my kids and husband showed very little interest in those classic kids songs (I am a Pizza, 4 Hugs a Day, Slippery Fish… come on – those are classic sing along songs!) So we wandered.  Liam really wanted a balloon – he got an orange dog.  Caleb got a blue squirrel.



After that we stopped for some ice cream from Beacon Drive-in then headed home to BBQ up some dinner.



This was followed by a little backyard marshmallow roast and running off some sugar sillies.


It was a pretty fun day! Happy birthday Canada!


Life in Black & White | June

It’s time for another glimpse of my life in black and white… today’s glimpse is a special one.

Nine years ago today I became a mom.  My world was changed for the better, and a sweet little baby boy claimed my heart and made it his own.  Caleb you are such a friendly, charming, empathetic and caring boy.  You give the best hugs (which seem to be reserved just for me).  You are a loyal friend and try hard to be a patient big brother.  Thank you for making me a better person, for teaching me patience, compassion and composure.  You, with the beautiful soulful eyes, made me who I am today.  As I teach you about growing up in this sometimes difficult world, you have taught me to slow down, look around and appreciate my life.  I love you, my Squishy.  (Incidentally, dear followers, this sweet boy is how Squishy Prints Photography got it’s name… because of my little Squishy!)

Happy birthday!


And just for comparison – here is my little Squishy nine years ago… and also a glimpse of my photography nine years ago.  Yup, we have both grown!



Please follow the circle to see a glimpse of Vanessa’s life in Black and White.

Life in Black and White | June - […] to normal I settled back down to enjoy observing them for awhile. Make sure to continue on to Ally’s beautiful images for month 6 of our […]

Melissa - Love that shot :) You have had lots of growth for sure! I love looking at these kinds of posts. They are always very inspiring.

jessican - Oh happy birthday to him! I love the first shot compared to the baby ones. He’s a cute squishy. :)

Jenn Martin Spangenberg - Ally, I love these! I love seeing your progress and learning more about your sweet family and the meaning behind Squishy Prints. LOVE it, and the pictures of Caleb are beautiful!

Ana - LOVE!

Jen R - Congratulations on the birthday! I love black and white images of kids like this, it’s such a timeless way to preserve the moment.